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It all started when...

With now over 7 years of teaching experience at Tuckerton Elementary School and establishing 5 years of tutoring experience, I created this company in order to help students build confidence inside and outside of the classroom with a vision to share my passion with other tutors, parents, and students. We want our students not only to get better grades & higher test scores, but to encourage them to set higher goals for themselves and become the future of tomorrow.  We want them to reach their full potential! I am in search of full-time credentialed teachers, substitute teachers, retired teachers, tutors currently student teaching or honors college students pursuing degrees in education with at least two years of one-on-one tutoring experience.  Also credentialed teachers that just can't find full-time employment to stay on top of their teaching!

Meeting with parents during the complimentary in-home consultation, I have the opportunity to consult with them about their children’s academic needs and then match the 'Best Fit' tutor to their child’s learning style, approach, and schedule. I enjoy working with parents and tutors, and Shore Strides Tutoring process enables this company to find creative solutions for issues and challenges that cause students to struggle in school. Our mission is to help students succeed in the classroom as well as help develop students as thinkers, learners and leaders in the process. 

Our GOAL at Shore Strides Tutoring is to create a Shore Strides Tutor Team that embraces in building student enrichment in the areas of listening, coaching, encouraging, problem solving, troubleshooting and supporting our tutoring staff and families to provide a solid framework for communication, consistency and excellence!  I'm excited to start the 'WAVE' and looking for other Tutors to take this journey with me that share the same passion for Education & Tutoring.

-Deanna Bennert, Owner

Christopher Pinto Business Operations & Marketing

Christopher Pinto Business Operations & Marketing

Responsible for Business Operations & Marketing to include Public Relations, Scheduling, Hiring, Tutor Services, In-Home Consultation Assistance, Background Check Services, Business Acumen, and Source Selection Services on finding the ‘Best Fit’ Tutor to Student Match, and such means of conducting business as necessary.

"Tutoring and Education Are Indispensable To One Another" - CP -
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