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       How it Works - The 'WAVE'    

  1. Welcome *FREE* In-Home Consultation

  2. Analyze the 'BEST FIT' Tutor for the Student Needs

  3. Value earned in Education through Tutoring Service Sessions


STUDENT ENRICHMENT: TUTOR TO EXCELLENCE - Developing Confident and Creative Thinkers, Learners and Leaders

  • Unlock the students full potential and educational value
  • Investing the time to meet face-to-face with all of our clients is invaluable and essential for us to find the perfect tutor for your child!
  • Shore Strides Tutors are professional and qualified
  • We conduct an extensive interview & background check on all Tutors utilizing First Advantage: Background Direct Solutions
  • See Frequently Asked Questions for additional information
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The In-Home Consultation

Welcome *FREE* In-Home Consultation - No Enrollment Fee or Initial Self-Assessment Test Requirement! We will make an informal assessment as we gather information from you and your child by asking questions regarding attitudes toward learning, their organizational skills, as well as questions about the specific subject/s with which they are struggling. Please have all relevant schoolwork, progress reports, report cards and testing results (if applicable) available for this meeting.

Goal is to establish a  'Best Fit' Tutor within a WEEK timeframe. As the Shore Stride Tutor Team expands this metric will surely decrease!

CLICK THE LINK BELOW to invest in your child's future today, stay ahead of the learning curve!

In the Comfort of Your Own Home "CONVENIENCE"

Analyze the 'BEST FIT' tutor for the Student Needs - This will enable us to make the ideal selection from our ‘Shore Strides Tutor Team' that meets your child’s specific subject need, learning style and personality to invest in your child's future to send them to the comfort of your own home!  

We come to You! Convenient and comfortable surroundings eliminate peer pressure, helping your child to focus and ask questions. Best of all, you do not have to drive anywhere! We come to you and tutor seven days a week...after-school, evening, weekends... we will accommodate whatever works best for you and your family.  Upon request, Public Library is available for means of providing tutoring service. 



Affordable One-on-One or Group Tutoring

Value earned in Education through Tutoring Service Sessions - Tutoring Sessions that will provide One-on-One Tutoring Services for all grades Pre-K-12, College Academia, Special Education Services,  Test Preparation, Homework to include Writing & Study Assistance, Home Schooling, and the availability of a Summer Tutor Program.  The Tutor will create a mutual shared agreement between the tutor and student to create a smooth working educational environment. Tutors will tap into what motivates each individual student and adjust their approach accordingly to create a customizable tutoring plan that is individuals to the students needs. Whether your child attends public or private school or is being home schooled, we can help! Upon request, we will tutor groups of students on the same subject and material. 

Using Your School's Curriculum

Exercise Reinforcement of Key Concepts to Help Achieve Student Enrichment - This is Shore Strides Tutoring ultimate GOAL!  Tutors will utilize the school's curriculum within the context of their learning environment in order to work with the student to acquire the necessary subject content, as well as develop them as thinkers, learners and leaders which will take them beyond success in the classroom alone. We will contact their teachers, with your permission, if necessary, to be sure they are "on track" and we will work in tandem with what is happening in the classroom.

The Tutor will contact the Teacher via email utilizing a 'Teacher Evaluation Form' upon acceptance by the Parent/Student in order to help build a relationship with the Students teacher to create a constructive learning environment for both the Tutor & Student to obtain any additional information. To ensure students are making strides in learning, the tutor will utilize a weekly lesson plan in order to 'track' the students progress and provide it to the parents and Shore Strides Tutoring when necessary.