How do I get started?

You can contact us at 609-891-6415 or email us at ShoreStridesTutoring@Gmail.Com. We will set up a complimentary In-Home Consultation. This is an informal meeting with you and your child. Please have all relevant schoolwork, progress reports, report cards and testing results (if applicable) available for this meeting.

Upon completion of the In-House Consultation, SHORE STRIDES TUTORING LLC will select the ‘Best Fit’ Tutor for the client and sends them on an initial one-hour tutoring session with the client.  Our goal is to provide the necessary tutor to perform the required service within a one week timeframe.  After that first hour of tutoring and/or first tutoring service session, we will then contact our client to make sure they were satisfied with their tutor. If all goes well, we can proceed with a subsequent pricing package. If the clients are unhappy with the tutor, we will NOT charge the Parent/Student for that first hour of tutoringby issuing a refund and we will then assign them a new tutor.

Shore Strides Tutoring selects the Tutor and Student based on a 'Best Fit' match:  Tutor Certifications, Subject, Availability, Location of Services, Resume, and Current Tutor Workload.

What are your Tutors' Qualifications?

Shore Strides Tutor Team are of full-time credentialed teachers, substitute teachers, student teachers, and retired teachers or honors college students pursuing degrees in education with at least two years of one-on-one tutoring experience that are willing to provide Tutoring Services to students within their certifications and subject matter area. Especially Tutors that are credentialed that just can't find employment for the time being within an education school district and looking to keep their teaching skill sets up to par!  We check all references, obtain background checks utilizing First Advantage Background Direct Solution and personally interview every Tutor.

How does Client Billing work for Tutoring Service sessions?

We send bills via email through QuickBooks Intuit Payment or have an option to pay in place utilizing the QuickBooks Go Payment System during the In-Home Consultation. These bills will have a link that takes you to a secure site where you can pay online or through the mobile QuickBooks application through the companies smart phone device. We send you an initial bill to confirm the first session; this first hour comes with a money back guarantee to make sure the tutor is the 'Best Fit' and you as the customer is satisfied. After the initial tutoring session, a tutoring service package will need to be purchased or Client will have to pay the regular session price per tutoring session.  Beyond the initial bill and down payment charge (if applicable), we will send bills on the 1st and 16th of every month that you receive tutoring from us. 

*Returned checks will incur a $35 fee and will require that all current balances and fees are paid in full before tutoring resumes. Further, all subsequent payments must be made in CASH after a returned check.

*If payment is past due by 28 days (from the due date), every 28 days we will add an interest rate of 5%.

Do you Accept Major Credit Cards?

We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, personal checks, and clients can also pay directly through their bank accounts through bank transfers. Payments will be sent via Quick Book Intuit Payment Network, made via QuickBooks Go Payment System, or personal checks can be made out to Shore Strides Tutoring LLC.

How is Shore Strides Tutoring different from a learning center?

At Shore Strides Tutoring, our tutors come directly to you. You don't need to drive anywhere! Our dedicated and qualified tutors will design a program for your child that is based on their school's curriculum, not a pre-determined program that may not relate at all to what your child is working on in school or conforms to your child's learning style or environment. We will also interface with your child's teacher, if necessary; to be sure your child is on the right track.

Are there any enrollment fees or assessment tests my child must take before being tutored by Shore Strides Tutoring?

No, there is no enrollment fees or assessment tests which can cost up to $200.00 in a learning center environment and are not a prerequisite in order for your child to be tutored.

What happens if I need to cancel my Tutoring Session with Tutor or Tutor needs to cancel session?


The Parent/Guardian or Student may cancel tutoring session by giving at least 24 hours prior notice to the Tutor in which no tutoring fees will be incurred. Lessons not attended by the student without giving 24 hours prior notice to the Tutor shall be charged at the full rate.  Tutor shall reschedule the appointment at a time agreeable to both parties within the requirements of Shore Strides Tutoring price guide to include the advance discount rate provisions (i.e. Must use 1 session per week).  For documentation purposes, a phone call or email is required by Parent/Student to the Tutor and Company for the request of this cancellation. 


The Tutor may cancel lessons by giving 24 hours prior notice to the Student in which case no fees shall be incurred. The tutoring service shall reschedule the appointment at a time agreeable to both parties within the requirements of the Students price package to include advance discount rate provisions set forth by Shore Strides Tutoring (i.e. Must use 1 session per week).   Tutor shall let Company know of the rescheduling of the tutoring session by phone or email for documentation purposes.

Does Shore Strides Tutoring supply any learning materials for the tutoring sessions?

We highly recommend that your child bring home their school books or any other materials they are working on in their class that relates to the subject(s) we are tutoring. In some cases our tutors will provide materials if it complements what your child is learning. However, we do not provide a curriculum but do establish lesson plans in order to track progress and document the students tutoring services.  We will help you attain materials from your child's school, if necessary, or direct you to several resources where you can purchase the appropriate books, etc.

Does tutoring always take place in my home?

Yes, we come to you at your convenience. We require that a parent or guardian over the age of 18 be at home for the entire tutoring session. For student's over the age of 16, we offer tutoring at your local library, however, we highly recommend having the tutor come to you. Ask for more details about this option during your complimentary in-home evaluation.

What if my child doesn't like the tutor?

If, after the first session is complete, you do not think the tutor is a good match with your child, you will not be charged for the session and another tutor will be contacted.  A full refund will only be given if no other tutor is available to provide services to fit the students need.  The previously applied charge will be applied to the new tutor that is assigned to the tutor.  

Are there a minimum number of sessions for which I have to commit and how long is each session?

No, we do not have any long-term contracts, however, we strongly suggest a minimum of five sessions in order to really see progress. The minimum amount of time for each session is one hour.

Do your tutors work with learning disabled or special needs children?

Yes, our goal is to have tutors that are Special Needs certified and will be able to work in conjunction with your child’s I.E.P. or 504 Plan.

I home school my child. Can you help me?

Yes. If the student is being home schooled, we will provide a credentialed teacher or a certified tutor, depending on which type of home school program he/she is receiving..

I have more than one child. Can you tutor all of them at the same time?

Testimonials and studies have shown that one-on-one sessions is best practice to be effective, and for the students to benefit. However, at the In-home consultation we can discuss a group rate to fit the students needs and schedule, but the tutoring service has to be for the same subject.  During the in-home consultation, we can discuss the most cost-effective way for all of the students to be tutored individually.

How long do I have to wait to get a tutor assigned to my child?

After we meet with you through our In-Home Consultation process, our company will contact one of our tutors and back to you within the week. We will call you to tell you about the tutor. The tutor will then call you to introduce themselves, get directions to your home and establish a schedule that works for you for the initial tutoring session. 

Do you tutor students in college?

Yes, research has shown that requests for college level tutoring have increased dramatically in the last year and we can provide an experienced tutors for you student. College students can be tutored on campus or in the library. We will try our absolute best to meet the metric of one week to find a credentialed tutor to meet your need.

How does Termination of Services work? Refunds?

Tutoring services to include packages may be terminated by either party at any time by giving Company 15 days prior written notice via email or phone call. Refunds will not be given to Client for down payment sessions or advance discount price packages due to Client accepting 'Best' Fit Tutor match. For unused tutoring service sessions that remain left in the tutoring service package upon cancellation a fee equal to the amount of remaining sessions left in the package times half the rate of the package purchased will be billed to customer due to locking in Tutor availability; exceptions apply. 

If tutoring service is terminated by Tutor, another Tutor will be found in place by Company upon agreement by Client. If no other tutor is available for services; full refund will be given.

This will be a signed shareable agreement during the Tutor Orientation under the "Parent_Student - Tutor Contract".

What geographical areas do you service?

We are currently only servicing in Ocean County, NJ.  As the Shore Strides Tutor Team expands the company will update the site accordingly and broaden our market area of providing Tutoring Services as necessary.

Do you provide test preparation for the SAT and ACT tests?

Yes, our plan is to expand the Shore Strides Tutor Team and help your student prepare for both exams. We highly recommend that you contact us at least six weeks before the test so our tutors have enough time to help the student prepare. Although we only require one hour a week of tutoring, research has shown that two hours a week for test prep is the most effective. The rates are located on the 'Tutoring Prices' Tab in the Test Preparation table.  We offer test preparation for many more exams, please see the full list under the 'Tutoring Services' tab.