Melissa Ruff - Highly Reccommend!

"Ms. Bennert began as my son's teacher for 3rd grade and seemed to quickly connect and understand his way of learning. Throughout the year she was always so positive and really helped him improve academically. Once summer came along, she began tutoring him weekly. He absolutely loved his time with Ms. Bennert. She has helped him improve so much that we have continued the tutoring through the year. I would highly recommend her to others." - Melissa Ruff

Karlie Fontanes Testimonal

"Deanna has been tutoring my oldest daughter for just about 3 years now.. she has helped Makenzie tremendously. My daughter started to really struggle a few years ago in math and she was very frustrated with herself and thinking she wasn't smart. It was breaking my heart. So I found out through the school in which my daughter had gone to at the time and where Deanna works that she was tutoring, I immediately asked her to help Makenzie, because I knew how much Makenzie liked Deanna and looked up to her. Makenzie was very comfortable with Deanna because she was her 3rd grade teacher a few years prior. She started really helping Makenzie not only in her school work, but boosting her self esteem to show her that she can do it.. and sure enough Makenzie ended up making the honor roll at school for the first year with all A's & B's and finally reached her goal of honor roll with straight A's her 6th grade year.. My daughter is in Middle School now and we are still using Deanna for tutoring and she is doing great! We are very pleased with the help she gives and are happy to say that our youngest daughter currently has Deanna helping in her class and she also looks up to her. My girls love their Miss Bennert. I would highly recommend her to tutor, she is wonderful with the kids!" - Karlie Fontanes