Private In-Home Tutoring


  • We tutor students who attend public, private or alternative education schools . 
  • We tutor all grades, kindergarten through high school, as well as certain college courses as long as the Shore Strides Tutor Team has a qualified tutor to provide the necessary services on its team.  If not, we will do our best to find one within a weeks timeframe to fit the students need!
  • Our one-on-one focused instruction uses your child’s curriculum within the framework of their education system. Group Tutoring available upon request.
  • Gives us an opportunity to meet you and your child to assess their academic requirements, personality, and learning style to include the ability to discuss your goals for the tutoring sessions.

Special Education Services

  • We have tutors who are "special needs" certified and/or experienced and understand the requirements of a special needs child.
  • Develop individualized learning plans for students with learning, mental, emotional and physical disabilities. Whether the student as autism or dyslexia, visual disorders or non-verbal learning challenges, special needs tutors find the right tools to provide personalized support. They work with all age groups and in all subject areas.
  • We work with Individual Education Plans (IEP) and can help your child excel and feel positive about themselves and their progress at school.

Home Schooling Assistance

  • Home schooling is becoming more popular and prevalent.
  • Our tutors will assist a parent with all subjects within a home school curriculum. 
  • If you are interested in moving your child from a public or private school to a home school environment, we can steer you down the right path and provide assistance in the students transition into the new learning environment with in-home tutoring services.

Summer Tutoring

  • Summer Tutoring is Critical -Reviewing, Enrichment and Advancement. 
  • Summer tutoring can help your child review the past year’s work and prepare to be successful for the coming school year.
  • We help your child strengthen study and organization skills which can be lost over the summer months.

Test Preparation

  • Test strategies and techniques ensuring that every student has a strong grasp of the academic concepts
  • We tailor test preparationto meet the unique needs of each of our students
  • Individualized coaching through Tutoring can have a large and meaningful impact on student performance
  • PSAT/PLAN, ACT, SAT English, SAT Math, SAT II, GEPA, HSPA English, HSPA Math, GED, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, REGENTS, ISEE/SSAT, TERRA NOVA, TOEFL. Request for Others Accepted!

Homework, Writing, & Study Assistance

  •  Help students develop the organizational methods and practices they need to succeed in different academic settings—from elementary school to college. 
  • Teach students how to define and strategically plan their approach to learning.
    • Techniques include active listening skills, note-taking strategies, test anxiety management, research systems and effective writing methods.
  • Teach key writing processes and strategies. By identifying individual student needs, writing tutors can craft customized learning programs. They offer instruction in grammar and language use, essay writing, writing mechanics, creative writing and proofreading.
  • Provide after school help on homework to help complete it on time with overview assistance and guide the student through to completion through reinforcement learning.
  • Provide Study Skill assistance to assist the student in retaining the material in order to help prepare for an exam.
  • We will not in any form or fashion complete the homework assignment for the student.